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Dear Habibi Friends!

Congratulation and many thanks for purchasing an Original Habibi Plush Product.

Before you use your new Habibi Plush for the first time, we would like to mention a few very important points:

  • Please read the instructions carefully and keep the labels in a safe place for future reference
  • Please remove the paper label before heating your Habibi Plush!
  • To ensure that your Habibi Plush can turn smoothly during heating in a microwave, please place him on a clean soup plate or in a clean bowl. Of course the plate or bowl must be microwave safe. Furthermore, please ensure that the microwave is clean; leftover foodstuffs, which can cause contamination and even damage your new Habibi Plush
  • For Habibi Plush animals and neck warmers:
    Set the microwave to 800 W and maximum 90 seconds. You should never overheat the item. If your microwave has a power rating which is higher than 800 W, please only set a maximum of 60 seconds.
  • For Habibi Plush baby pillows:
    Set the microwave to 600 W and maximum 30 seconds. Again, never overheat the item!
  • During the heating, please stay close by and periodically check the process.
  • If children are heating the item, they should be supervised by an adult at all times.

After warming themselves in the microwave, knead and squeeze your Habibi Plush though to evenly spread out the heated grains. Now he is ready to cuddle with you!

  • After the first heating, the surface may feel slightly damp. This is due to the nature of the filling of 100% natural grains.
  • Before you heat your Habibi Plush again, he must first cool down fully.
  • You can also use your Habibi Plush to keep cool. Just place him inside a plastic bag (to protect him from moisture) in the fridge or freezer. After about 30 minutes in the fridge or freezer he can help sooth bumps and bruises.
  • Set the oven to 80° C (w/o pre-heating) and put the Habibi Plush on a fire resistant plate. After approx.10 Min. it will be warm. During the heating, please stay close by and periodically check the process. The fabric surface can be wiped with a moist cloth, yet please take care to ensure that the filling never comes in contact with moisture, and that it does not get wet especially. Do not wash in either the sink, bathtub etc, and do not put him in the washing machine. Through the heating in the microwave, the grain filling is always free of bacteria and germs.

If you follow these instructions carefully, you are sure enjoy a long friendship with your Habibi Plush!

A few important notes for the grown-ups:
The Habibi Plush have been produced strictly according to the European safety standards, and have been constantly controlled by International inspection companies. Habibi Plush have passed all the tests (EN71-1/2/3/9).
It’s a matter close to our hearts, that we produce a product that is of the utmost quality and meets the highest standards for you and your family. As such, also the littlest ones in your family can safely use the Habibi Plush as „small heaters” in the crib and in the baby carriage.
Habibi Plush can also be used to help ease tension in the neck and shoulders, muscle aches and joint pains, as well as belly aches. However if symptoms perstist your Habibi Plush cannot replace a visit to your doctor!

We wish lots of fun, sweet dreams and all the best!

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